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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Even more Marvel!

Marvel Super Heroes 2 is already the third LEGO Marvel game from Traveler’s Tales in which you can get to work with a huge range of well-known Marvel characters. After about 20 LEGO games in the past 10 years, LEGO games are still interesting for players outside the hard core. With a lot of movies in Marvel cinemas lately, it’s now time for a new game based on the Marvel characters. Would this be another great game in the franchise? Or are we getting tired of LEGO by now?

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is an action-adventure platformer set in the world of Chronopolis where the vast array of Marvel heroes must try to defeat ‘Kang the Conqueror’. Kang has traveled through time and space to merge all known locations into 1 city, Chronopolis. This is why all Marvel superheroes have come together in one location, cleverly conceived. This also made it possible to add Marvel heroes from alternate realities to the star cast. All the well-known and lesser-known names are in it.

To defeat Kang you play through 20 story missions with alternating teams of up to 4 people, playing co-op is also possible. You travel through multiple known worlds to defeat each villain until you can finally take on Kang. The story missions are quite variable, on the one hand this is because not all missions are of a high level, there are excellent ones, on the other hand because it is more fun when you fight with a character you know than a lesser known Marvel hero. The bosses are all of the same setup, wait for it to weaken and then attack, which can feel repetitive after a while. Because of the time travel that is in this game, there are fun possibilities in the gameplay. For example, in the beginning you play Baby Groot and due to time travel he can suddenly turn into Groot. This is of course very local so that your other characters don’t suddenly become very old. What was more disturbing was switching heroes and the AI ​​of your fellow heroes. In one of the first missions you play with Star Lord and his team of Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Drax. Switching between these heroes is sometimes a bit difficult and because of the chaos it sometimes takes a while to see where your selected character is. Also, the other characters do very little when they are not controlled. If you are fighting a lot with Star Lord, then the rest is sometimes just a bit of a surprise. I understand that if the AI ​​did as much as the hero you control it might feel a bit easy, but a little support would be nice. Within about 8 hours you have gone through the missions, they are not very difficult and you are taken by the hand, just like in the previous LEGO games.

Little innovative

When the story is finished you have unlocked free games for all locations and the party for the fans can really start. Collecting all characters, golden LEGO bricks and all additional missions is a well-known feature that we also know from previous games. Again a lot of content has been put into this game and for the collector it is a feast and with that one can expect many hours on top of the story. Yet it is a pity that we encounter few really new elements in the gameplay, and that is something we have had to swallow for years now.

The controls of the LEGO games remain a problem for me. After having played a number of LEGO games, it still feels wooden. Of course it is LEGO, so this is one of the reasons that a wooden animation was chosen, partly because LEGO figures do not have knees and can therefore not walk smoothly. But it still remains uncomfortable, especially in combination with the semi-fixed camera. You can move the camera a bit but you still can’t turn around your character, which regularly causes you to fall down somewhere because you couldn’t see if there was a gold block there or nothing at all. This may have been a conscious choice to not make collectibles too easy to find, but when LEGO is compared to other action-adventure platformers, it doesn’t play very well.

The audio is pretty good and a lot of sound effects are of course stolen from previous games in the franchise. The voices are well done and the little things like the music on Star Lord are a nice addition to the atmosphere of the game. Visually the game looks fine, it remains LEGO so you should not expect Uncharted worlds, although the game is still very acceptable graphically. The engine therefore follows the trend every year and continues to develop reasonably well. This is particularly noticeable in terms of sharpness, as we saw earlier in Ninjago. The animations are also getting better.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is a game in line with the previous LEGO games, entertaining and above all a fun game if you like the LEGO games, or if you like to collect a lot. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t do much new and due to the large number of superheroes, the idea is that the story suffers from this. This is because less of a bond is built with characters. The game does a lot of what previous games did before, with very little innovation, but that has actually been the case for years. However, Ninjago, for example, which launched a little earlier, was more innovative in gameplay possibilities than this game. Yet this is a completely new adventure that you experience and for all the little ones, but especially adults among us, we can never really get enough of it.

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Author: Merijn Adriaanssen | Genre: Platform | Release: 17-11-2017 | Publisher: Warner Bros. † Developer: TT GamesGraphics: 7.5 † Sound: 7.0 † Gameplay: 7.0 † Controls: 7.0 † Playback: 7.5 7.0+ A lot of superheroes+ A lot of content after playing+ Humor- Controls and camera work can be improved- On the short side- Not very innovative