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LG G4 is shown on Facebook and Instagram


LG G4 is shown on Facebook and Instagram

The new top of the range of LG or LG G4 is shown on Facebook and on Instragram with photos that reveal other information but also some confirmations! The device will certainly be in leather and we had all copied this a bit, thanks to the photos published by the company and the video teasers that show the device in action.

Another confirmation lies in the fact that the keys will be placed behind, just like it happens for LG G2 and LG G3, in a comfortable position even if given the size of the device, we prefer to see it live. The first photo you find above is the one shown by LG on Facebook and that he portrays LG G4 in the hands of a pretty young lady. The device, as you can see from the image, is dressed again in the brown leather back, like the photo published last week.

The second image posted on Instagram which you find below, however, is accompanied by a really eloquent phrase: “You haven’t seen everything yet”. What can this suggest? Well that the company is working on some news that will be unveiled on the day of the presentation. Among the novelties there will probably be the new one Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 exa-core processor, or with 6 cores instead of the classic four / eight.

We’ll see if this move by LG is the right one. For the moment the device is really beautiful and elegant, with great features and a great display. The day of the presentation is getting closer and closer and we are really curious to try the new one top of the LG range.