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LG G4 vs iPhone 6 Plus: the six details missing from the Apple smartphone

LG G4 vs iPhone 6 Plus: the six details missing from the Apple smartphone

LG G4 vs iPhone 6 Plus: the six details missing from the Apple smartphone. L’iPhone 6 Plus is, without doubt, one of the smartphone more influential of the moment despite some small ‘defects’ such as the slightly exaggerated size or the ‘only’ 8 megapixel camera, for example. Be a top from range is not synonymous with tranquility: every day new devices are launched on the market and iPhone, in this particular case, must know keep up with it to his opponents. One of the newenemies‘of the Apple smartphone that just took the field is the new one LG G4.

Today we will list the six details who owns the new device LG compared to the iPhone 6 Plus. The differences you will see are in addition to those concerning the processor (hexa-core from LG versus dual-core from Apple), amount of RAM And pixel density of the display.

Also for the new LG G4, the company has decided to use a display with the same size than the one used for the previous model, the G3. Obviously, they were not lacking improvements, which concern the quality of the image, the contrast, the brightness, the quality of colors, i consumption and the functionality of the touch screen. Taken together, these changes made to the previous display result in one 120% color gamut, a 50% higher contrast ratio and one brightness increased by 30%.

The module OIS introduces, for the first time, a third axis and the range from stabilization image was extended from one to two degrees on both the X and Y axes. This should be useful for reduce the unintended effects of vibration from the hands, during a video shooting.

For the first time, LG has decided to equip its new smartphone with a color spectrum sensor, placed next to the camera. The use of the CSS (Color Spectrum Sensor) should promote image quality optimal: in fact, the sensor analyze values RGB of the environment and the infrared light reflected by objects, by adjusting the balancing of the White and the flash. The aim is to obtain an image on the smartphone as close as possible to what can be observed with the naked eye.

AND’ can remove there cover rear of the LG G4 since the new smartphone is equipped with a 3,000 mAh removable. We would like to point out that the device can be requested with the cover in true skin, with a small supplement from $ 50. Also, in case the 32 GB of internal memory is not enough, it is possible expand the space of archiving with the addition of a memory microSD.

The new LG G4 is equipped with a camera from 16 Megapixels with a lens aperture F / 1.8, much wider than that of iPhone (F / 2.2). As reported by the company, the new sensor allows’capture‘ L’80% in more than light compared to the G3: this translates into a better image quality even in low light conditions. To support the user, theCamera app which allows you to regular numerous parameters, including the speed ofshutter.

Looking at the data sheet of the new smartphone LG you will have observed that the thickness is referred to as a interval (from 6.3 mm to 9.8 mm). The shell is made according to a design named Slim Arc: the cell phone results slightly curved with a radius of 3000 mm. There choice of a design curved is aimed at preservation of the display: if the phone falls, the greatest part of the damage would concentrate in the part superior and inferior of the body, decreasing by 20% the probability of break up of the screen.