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LG V10 will have Qi wireless charging thanks to an accessory


LG V10 will have Qi wireless charging thanks to an accessory

The official debut of the sizzling LG V10 it has been consumed for a few weeks now, with the first round of marketing currently limited to the Korean market. Waiting for a more general propagation – there is still no official news in relation to the debut in Europe of the phablet in question – the consortium for the certification of devices on board wireless charging with Qi standard has included in these hours an accessory back cover (CPR-120) dedicated to the new one LG V10, which at this point can also boast these features,

There are still no photos relating to the cover in question, but the news is still important as it further increases the offer of the new LG flagship and expelled perhaps the only lack complained of by someone in the hours following the official presentation. Based on the excellent feedback recorded with the current G4, it is therefore reasonable to expect excellent performance from the new one LG V10, considering that the hardware base (QHD resolution screen, 16 megapixel camera with focal aperture f / 1.8 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor) is the same and the improvements under the hood (as well as exterior, through the use of materials premium) are important, embellished among other things by the presence of the secondary display placed above the main one and by the dedicated Hi-Fi DAC audio chip.

Having designed a smartphone with a removable back cover therefore helps to insert additional features such as wireless charging during construction. Waiting for the first feedback in the review – on the web there may already be some focus on the new interface and the multimedia sector – we hope that the debut of LG V10 also in Italy it can be consumed in the shortest possible time.