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Logitech – gaming keyboard arrives

Logitech – gaming keyboard arrives



The G13 Advanced Gameboard’s built-in memory and backlight are ideal for gamers.

THE Logitech presented the G13 Gameboardot, a hybrid gaming keyboard that complements any existing Logitech mouse and keyboard. The G13’s convenience and controllability are an advantage in all kinds of gaming, whether it’s a Mac or a PC. The distinctively styled keyboard for extra comfort naturally fits under a person’s hand and fingers. Smooth-surfaced, concave, middle-row buttons are easy to distinguish by touch. With three game modes, 25 programmable keys, and a programmable analog joystick, the G13 keyboard offers a total of 87 different ways to control games (this requires the installation of the included software). You can assign custom key assignments to your favorite games and add macro commands on the fly without stopping the game. The 160 × 43-pixel GamePanel LCD display shows live game data, system status, or even messages from other players, which can give you an additional situational advantage in combat. Thanks to their backlight, the corresponding keys on the G13 keyboard are easy to find, even in low light or in complete darkness. The color of the backlight can be chosen from hundreds of shades, so your keyboard can always shine in the light to suit your own taste or mood. For gamers, the G13’s built-in memory is especially useful. It can store up to 5 different user profiles that can be searched at any time, so you can easily take them to the next LAN party. The G13 has preset profiles for many popular games. Examples include World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade, Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and more. With its rugged construction and well-placed soles, the G13 keyboard never slips during gaming. The G13 advanced gameboard is expected to be available in Europe in December with a suggested retail price of € 89.99.