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look at the images before entering the application

look at the images before entering the application

No matter how many times I look at the WhatsApp settings – there is no function for see pictures before tearing up a conversation. It is possible that on some occasion a certain person sends you an audio, an image or a video and you do not want to enter the conversation to see it. Today we show you the best WhatsApp hidden trick that will allow you to know this multimedia content without ripping the application and without leaving the double garzo tick of acquaintance. And equally there is an incredibly simple thing that any beneficial owner can do.

How to view WhatsApp images or videos without ripping the app

Everyone at some point has received an image or video from a contact and has not wanted to enter to leave a trace of their viewing. You must retain that if you have an Android mobile it is possible view that image or video without the other person receiving the WhatsApp double tick. It’s extremely simple and is a hidden trick that very few people know about.

The essence of everything is in the files that whatsapp stored on the device. whatsapp has a own folder in which it stores everything and divides it into different subfolders. If you receive a picture from a contact, it will go to that folder first so that when the conversation stops it’s serious. If you invited that folder before ripping WhatsApp, you can see the full image without entering the conversation. How to do it:

  1. Open the ‘Files’ app on your Android mobile
  2. Find the folder ‘com.whatsapp‘(may be internal to ‘Android’ folder)
  3. Go into the folder ‘Portion
  4. Click on ‘whatsapp images‘or’ WhatsApp Video ‘
  5. Find the last photo or video received and view it

When you see the image or video, you can leave the folder and the other person does not know that you have connected to WhatsApp or entered the conversation. It is very useful if you want to take a look at the received content without triggering the alarms of the double tick or the ‘Online’ message that WhatsApp shows.

How to listen to WhatsApp voice notes without entering the application

In the same way you can see the videos and photos you can also do it with voice notes or the audios that your friends send you. These audios are previously saved in the folder ‘WhatsApp voice notes‘and you can log in before ripping the conversation to listen to them.

You just have to prefer a clever and audio player app: you will be able to listen to the audios of your friends without them knowing that you have already done so. On top of that, when you locate the folder you can make a direct communication to it to have this trick more at hand and take only a few seconds to do it.

Small differences may occur in each manufacturer, such as the space where whatsapp folder or the name of the file manager application. The theory is the same: open the file manager and crawl the ‘com.whatsapp’ folder and then go into the subfolders of the different media types.

And you, did you know this? WhatsApp hidden trick see images and audios before entering the conversations?