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Lots of new content added to World of Warships: Legends

Lots of new content added to World of Warships: Legends

World of Warships has received a new update with a ton of new content. For example, new ships have been added to the game, a new campaign is available and there are now three dynamic Arena seasons. Finally, players can get to grips with exclusive in-game content thanks to a partnership with Transformers.

New Transformers for World of Warships: Legends
Wargaming’s successful partnership last year with Hasbro and Takara Tommy brought the iconic Transformers to Word of Warships. Now fans of the Autobots and Decepticons are in for another treat, as in celebration of the 35th anniversary of animated film The Transformers: The Movie, Wargaming is launching new and exclusive in-game content inspired by the franchise.

Four new characters enter the fray in World of Warships: Legends. Starting September 6, players will be able to lead Hot Rod, Grimlock, Starscream and Soundwave in the open sea battle. The collaboration will include animated, permanent, themed camouflages visible in the harbor, commanders with unique voiceovers and patches and flags to showcase The Matrix of Leadership.

New campaign
The Sovject campaign called ‘Order and Discipline’ consists of the traditional 100 milestones spread over five weeks. When completed, players are awarded Admiralty Backing for the heavy cruiser Pyotr Bagration. This warship is surprisingly fast, has easy-to-use artillery and a great AA suite.

Soviet destroyers in Early Access
Wargaming expands the Red Navy’s range with three Soviet destroyers in Early Access: Soobrazitelny, Boevoi, and Kiev. Available in special crates, these ships represent a new, alternate line of Russian destroyers. This trio puts their own spin on the established game style of the Russian destroyers, paving the way for the Udaloi on Tier VII, which will be added in the next update.

Three new Premium ships
Three new Premium ships have been added to World of Warships: Legends. The US Navy is expanding its ranks with the Charles F. Hughes destroyer in Tier VI, while the Japanese fleet gets the first-ever Premium Aircraft Carrier Zuihō in Tier V. Finally, there’s the colossal Stalingrad, the pioneer of the Legendary ships available. are for Global XP.

Arena Seasons and Balance Changes
For all brave captains, there are now three Arena seasons with an active Arms Race mechanic. There are prizes for all participants, with better rewards for players who finish higher on the leaderboard. Speaking of competitive battles, significant balance changes have been made. For example, thirteen ships and eleven properties and skills have been improved or deteriorated. The full list of changes is available in the patch notes.

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