Mac or PC? The war moves between the university benches – We have been dealing with this for a few days now war between Apple and the company on duty. There was first the war between California and South Korea, or between Apple and Samsung. The battle that was fought to the sound of TV commercials, saw the winner Apple which, despite not even defending itself, had in July the most profitable sales on the App Store ever and highest grossing record for its current phone device, the iPhone 5S.

Now another company has arisen that attacks Apple. This is the well-known Microsoft, which first targeted Siri, creating a singular spot. Then it was the turn of the iPad Air and the Mac Book Air, making these commercials. As usual, Apple has not ruled on the matter and perhaps will not even defend itself. In Cupertino they have clear ideas and will continue to produce commercials that promote a new lifestyle, productive and effective, in the name of Apple and its devices.

In this case, the commercials of the competition do nothing but confuse users who are bombarded with “fake” advertising or advertising that does not say everything, which uses the strategy “I destroy you by exaggerating your defects by not even mentioning my strengths”, giving it is assumed that viewers seeing this spot opt ​​for the praised device, without wondering anything else.

This “war”, many live it in another way, when they enter the university world. In fact, once inside the universities, many have to choose between a Mac and a PC. My personal experience led me to opt for a Mac, since it is a must for us architecture students to use software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and AutoCAD among many, many times even at the same time! These software, being very heavy, create problems and unnecessary waste of time if you do not have a good computer.

In any case, now we are not saying that a Mac is better than a PC and / or vice versa. Each student must very seriously evaluate the choice of computer based on needs and economic possibilities, avoiding taking into consideration any type of advertising spot. A MacBook Pro is certainly a good machine but very expensive, so someone might opt ​​for a PC that has excellent performance and costs much less. Another thing not to be underestimated are the advantages that, either Microsoft Education is Apple Educationoffer students.

A fact that I enjoyed a lot, regarding this “war” between Mac and PC is the page on Facebook LESS OR MORE where memes revolve around the world of architecture and that many times make fun of the relationship that architects have with computers! Perhaps, big companies like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung should take this competition more lightly, learning from their users and thus avoiding creating confusion for the latter, who are already confused in their own right. And what do you think of this war?

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