Ubisoft Milan And Nintendo in August they provided us with a particular game with Mario and company as protagonists, we are obviously talking about Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, a title described by many as an “XCOM” in the style of the Mushroom Kingdom and with the Rabbids as companions to what can be considered a real new game for the now ex-plumber. Precisely because for many it may be the first turn-based strategy of their life, we have summarized below the 5 tips to keep in mind to play at your best.


One of the most important things in turn-based strategy games like XCOM or Mario + Rabbids are the covers, which allow you to protect yourself from opponents’ blows and thus save the lives of all your characters. In Mario + Rabbids for each cover we will have the percentage of chance to save ourselves from an opponent’s hit which can be 100% or 50%. We obviously recommend that you always take advantage of those at 100%. In the same way, however, it is important to always try to evaluate the position of all opponents and therefore choose the right angle to hide, doing it on the wrong side of cover will cause an enemy to take our backs, and that’s not good.


Coins in Mario + Rabbids are essential and can be earned in a number of ways. Some of them you will find in the game world by walking, some will come out of the enemies you shoot but most of them you will receive by winning battles. The coins you earn can then be spent to buy new weapons, which is necessary and mandatory to cause as much damage as possible to the enemies you will encounter in the future.

Our advice, however, is to spend your money in the best possible way. The game will not allow you to buy all the weapons available, but you will have to make a choice, and the choice we recommend is always to direct your coins to the strongest weapon while leaving specific weapons behind for a particular enemy. Spend your money sparingly and you will have no problem winning battles after battles.


Find the right team in Mario + Rabbids it is important, especially because weapons cost money and buying them for all party members is impossible. It is important to evaluate well each new character who joins the group and in the same way it is important, in the case of mid-bosses and bosses, to change characters to evaluate the best tactic. But keeping up with each character and buying powerful weapons for everyone can be a very tough challenge and not recommended.


Mario + Rabbids gives the player an important tool to win games, obviously I’m talking about peculiar abilities. These skills, different for each character, can be improved through a specific skill tree and will lead the player to eliminate multiple enemies at the same time. The advice is to use these skills as much as possible, obviously paying attention to where the enemies are positioned because the use of each skill will only last one enemy turn.


Kingdom Battle is not an open world game but exploration is still an important part of the Mario adventure at Ubisoft. The Milan studio of the Assassin’s Creed house has in fact thought of disseminating the kingdom of mushrooms with environmental puzzles so as not to make the player bored in these phases. Exploring the world of Mario + Rabbids will bring you not only coins but also items that will unlock weapons in the shop and many bonuses that will be useful to you in your adventure in the kingdom of mushrooms.


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