Sony’s latest-generation console, the PlayStation 4, was officially unveiled last night. Of course, several promising games were announced during the presentation.

Last night, the veil finally fell off PlayStaiton 4. In addition to the new console, there were several games at the official presentation, which we also broadcast live. Mark Cerny, chief designer of the PlayStation 4, also announced the console’s first game, which is Knack will be. The game will be an externally-looking action game that looks at the Warhammer series at first glance, meaning modern technology clashes with monsters familiar from fantasy stories. We can take control of a robot – he’s called Knack – who, thanks to his special structure, is able to take on ever-increasing dimensions from elements collected from the environment.
Knack will be one of the opening titles on the PlayStation 4, but no news has been received yet about whether it will appear on other consoles.


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