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Martha is Dead released

Martha is Dead released


The horror adventure game has been launched for both PCs and consoles.

The long-awaited has arrived Martha is Dead, which will keep players under real psychological pressure all along. The story of the game of horror is creepy in itself, and the protagonist’s personal horrors appear through visual influences that even the more seasoned nervous people sometimes get stuck in.

The look also comes with a new preview, in which we can get a taste of the depressing, dark environment and narrative of the game, the cold can run all the way on our backs.

Martha is Dead in II. takes place during World War II in Italy, where the namesake of the game is found dead, mutilated, on the shores of a lake next to a village. In the story, we will control his twin brother in order to find out who killed the girl in such a brutal setting and why. We also get an insight into what is happening in Italy, which has been hit by world burning, creating an even darker environment for the already tense gameplay.

Martha has also appeared on Dead PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.