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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: which characters will it include?

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: which characters will it include?

By now we can count with the dropper the days that separate us from the release of “Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order“. The publication of the Nintendo Switch exclusive is scheduled for July 19th and to date we have obtained several interesting information about it.

References to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

One of the most important aspects of a game like this is having a satisfying roster of usable characters and giveaways Super heroes heterogeneous and coming from different sagas of the universe Marvel. It is clear the intent on the part of the developers of Team Ninja to fish above all from Marvel Cinematic Universe so as to ride as much as possible the wave of success of the Marvel Studios, a few months to the assault on cinemas by fans for Avengers: Endgame.

A rich roster

Fans can rest easy because the Team Ninja is ready to give us a huge array of playable characters and enemies to fight against, so as to make the hours we spend in front of our Nintendo Switch as fun as possible.

The playable characters announced to date are these:

They also add Venom And Magneto but they will also be Villain within the game. An anti-hero role for the two characters that befits the personality they have always had in comics and movies.

We will be able to have a group of heroes drawn from the franchise Avengers, but also from X-Men, Fantastic 4, the extended universe of Spider-Man and come on Defenders.

An interesting handful of enemies

The Nintendo exclusive does not even skimp on the front Boss, proposing worthy antagonists:

A fearsome group of enemies worthy of the adventure that we all hope to experience. At the center of attention will obviously be those Villain who are part of theBlack Order of Thanos, main enemies of the Great Alliance in this third chapter

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order promises to be one of the most interesting exclusives of the year for Nintendo Switch. Even the most avid Marvel fans will probably find their match.

If you are interested in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order we recommend that you pre-order on Amazon.