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Marvel’s Spider-Man Looks Awesome in New Japanese Ad

Marvel’s Spider-Man Looks Awesome in New Japanese Ad

It is curious, but from Japan we usually get the most curious and striking advertisements. Whether it’s to do some campaign for PS4 or to promote such a game, the short commercials they broadcast are quite good.

On this occasion they wanted to give prominence to Marvel’s Spider-Man dedicating an ad to it. Contains everything good: Japanese action, music and narration which always makes something sound more serious and important.

The hard day to day of a superhero

Marvel’s Spider-Man will be out on September 7 exclusively for PlayStation 4, and we’re all very excited for its arrival. Even Insomniac Games itself feels “flattered” by the support given to the game, and that is it seems that we are facing one of those launches that mark a before and after in the games, and surely in the responsible studio.

Not only in Japan have they paid tribute to Spidey. On Manhattancity in which the open world of the game is inspired, they have completely decorated a train with motifs from the game. There are even copies of the Daily Bugle and the superhero’s white spider insignia could not be missing. A real pass.

Although it may work for you easier to visit the fictional Manhattan thanks to an open world-focused gameplay trailer that gives us. We will be a true hero with a lot of responsabilities: We will have to watch over a city that never sleeps and the dangers are constant. In addition, we must not forget the citizens, who will also be in trouble.

Who will cause all these problems? The answer goes by several names: Kingpin, Electro, Mister Negative… The catalog of villains is quite extensive this time, in case a couple of them were not enough. And only we will be able to deal with them properly… although not everything will be so easy.

Just like Spidey has a real identity, Peter Parker, the villains also have a face that everyone knows, and that’s going to get us into trouble too. So I suppose that the threat for each villain is double, and being so many… I lack fingers to count all the threats.

Will we be able to face everything and come out unscathed?


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