O Nintendo Switch, since it was announced and released, is a sales success. And the Media Create, a Japanese organization that brings the updated list of best-selling games and consoles in the country, believes that the video game’s success will be even greater. To the Media Create, the console has everything to have an even better third year. And sell more consoles than Nintendo wait.

Atsushi Hosokawa, president of the organization, shared his views with Bloomberg. For him, “the Switch is well positioned to grow in its third year”, and that the console will be able to reach the peak of units shipped to stores during the next fiscal year, which starts in April 2019.

This opinion is not unanimous among analysts. Some say that if the Switch not advertise heavyweight games in the medium term, your sales may decline. Even so, the Media Create remains optimistic, to the point of asserting that the console will have a lifecycle of 7 years. What would guarantee the hybrid games and support from the Nintendo and third-parties until 2024.

Long life: a trend in video games

Such a position is very similar to what the 3DS. Launched in 2011, the notebook will complete eight years of life in 2019, and is still in production. However, even with lesser game support than in other times, there are still releases. In addition to the promise from the Nintendo that they will continue with him “indefinitely”.

This “longer” console life is becoming a trend. If, in the past, the interval between releases of new generations of video games, by the same company, was between 4 or 6 years. Today, with online updates and now with “Pro consoles”, the cycle has been extended a little further. As an example, we can mention the Xbox 360, released in 2005, and which has lived to its fullest for 8 years. So, only in 2013, give way to the Xbox one.

It is also possible to see Nintendo’s shares in other markets, such as Brazil. Even in a shy way, and “in the pattern Nintendo“, there is already a good demand for consoles. In addition to the possibility of buying cards at Lojas Americanas, with keys for game redemption.

A better positioning of the Big N in Brazil (and in other key countries which Nintendo does not have, or rehearses, an official representation), a place where the console is popular, even with some limitations that still prevent the video game from falling into popular grace (read: outside the gamer universe), it can be fundamental for the console increasingly follows its path of success.


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