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Meet Twin Soul, the cooperative horror indie


Meet Twin Soul, the cooperative horror indie

the indie developer White Noise Team has recently released an article detailing his plans for his latest title Twin Soul. This game is planned for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

With this new article we also get some screenshots of their environments as well as an update on their development.

The Ultimate Cooperative Horror Game

White Noise Team describes the game as:

Twin Soul is a cooperative puzzle horror video game set in a distant and desolate city somewhere in Eastern Europe.

Here, two players will have to work together and face creatures and solve intricate puzzles to survive.

The game addresses a variety of social issues, the expression of which can be found in a monster’s appearance, the environment, and the characters themselves.

Twin Soul promises to be a cooperative horror experience with devious and horrific creatures and puzzle solving while integrating a growing tension between the players to ease social issues and play into the main themes of the game.

Good feelings in your prototype

According to the article and feedback received from players with the prototype at the Game Gathering Conference, the game features mundane tasks and an atmosphere as the tension and horror begin to build:

…even in the prototype of the game, many visitors pointed out interiors, street sounds, noises from neighbors’ televisions and other details that are “well known since childhood”, some of them have even said that the game “feels like home” . In the demo version that we are developing now we will reinforce this feeling with the help of the gameplay: making a sandwich, taking out the garbage, all these mundane activities are known to everyone even outside the CIS region.

Don’t worry though: White Noise Team promises that the familiarity and simplicity of the game’s more mundane, everyday tasks are meant to be a stark contrast to the increasingly bizarre events that will facilitate the eventual descent of the players into the monstrosities that the team has planned for us.

In addition to this, the developers also promise a experience much more involved in the cooperative than in most games. Players will be 100% dependent on each other at all times to survive, solve puzzles, and progress. This means that our survival will depend on the whims and abilities of our partner. Most enemies will require both players to kill him, adding a incentive for players to work and stay together.

There is no information about its release date for now, but below you can see some screenshots to get an idea of ​​​​the style of the game and some gameplay of the prototype.