Known as SOCL, Microsoft’s social network, today sees a simultaneous mobile launch of the first applications for the network on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.

SOCL is a truly unique experience that seeks to mix Bing with social networking. The site can be described as a mix of Pinterest and Tumblr, but is currently run by Microsoft’s research division.

There are the regular messages from the social network, images, GIFs, memes and anything else you might need.

On Windows Phone though, SOCL integrates with Microsoft’s Blink app for creating GIFs, but of course this isn’t possible on the iPhone.

“The experience with SOCL is a bit confusing if you go blind” report some users “At first glance it is difficult to understand what it is and as regards the application it is not very good”.

The problem is that the application is not native, and the quality of the apps is particularly disappointing, compared to other Microsoft applications for iOS.

In any case, SOCL is available for free on the AppStore


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