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Mighty Goose

Goose, gun, boom!

The transition from one game to another has been quite big lately. For example, I was recently working on a topper for the PS5, and that’s how you blast yourself around with Mighty Goose. Mighty Goose is a run & gun shooter with a bounty hunter goose as the main character, who made it up? The game is all about one thing; Break everything that is loose and stuck! Or is that a success formula?

So in this shooter you play as Mighty Goose, a goose who fights against the Void King. This autocrat is in command of a large army, and that is certainly not a bad thing. If you don’t want to turn into a roast goose yourself, you have to know how to protect yourself with the thickest weapons, but you are certainly not alone. In the game you also get CPU-controlled allies, including a goose, or a rabbit. By blasting with machine guns, shotguns and rocket launchers you make your way through all the opponents that come at you from the front, behind, above and below. The concept is therefore simple, and certainly effective. The same is the control, because with just a few buttons you can start playing this game right away. However, you have more options in the game than just simply shooting. In this way you get a kind of power-ups in the game, with which you can switch directly to another weapon. But you can also slightly adjust your playstyle by purchasing certain upgrades. For example, you can use an advantage that you can activate with a triangle. The power-ups are mainly offensive. The best part is the fury fashion. When you have shot down that many opponents, a bar will fill up, after which you can activate a fury mode with L2 + R2. With this you get a very powerful gun that can quickly wipe out your entire environment. You can also choose your own partner, which I was just talking about in principle. This can be a pig, a rabbit, or other animals that you unlock later in the game.

Lightning fast action

You can move forward in the game with the D-Pad, but also with the analog stick. You also have a kind of dash mode that you can activate with a circle, and you can shoot yourself up by shooting down and jumping. With coins you can also purchase additional tools, including weapons, but also vehicles such as the tank. With this you can use some extra power, and you also have a bit more health, because you first have to be shot out of your vehicle before your health bar is emptied. This health bar is minimal and after a few hits you are already dead. The secondary attacks and your upgrade chips that you use to improve yourself and ingame to quickly wipe out many enemies are therefore crucial. In-game bosses are also relentless, requiring quick reactions to dodge their seas of bullets. Real tactics are not really involved, but getting health packs where possible, and using your special powers are of the utmost importance. The action is lightning fast and it is often jumping, you keep moving and open the weapon tap as much as possible. Fortunately, there is an option in the game to simply hold the shoot button, instead of having to button-bashing on square. This saves a lot of cramping while playing the game, since you are shooting almost constantly.

Mighty Goose has a retro-graphic style, something that seems to be hot among indies these days. You see it more and more honestly, and I personally like it I must say. The action is completely 2D, so you can’t go into the depths. The UI itself is clear, but could have been a bit tighter with all those blue blocks in the top left and right. The level design is, however, quite commendable. This one is varied, and the platforming here and there ensures that you’re not CONSTANTLY popping. The worlds in which you play are then greenish, then yellowish, then bluish and again in the next level you play on a train that moves. It makes it feel slightly different every time, although mostly the wallpaper in the background changes. It seems clear to me that the game may be graphically chaotic, but that the performance remains excellent and that the bosses always have to be tackled slightly differently, which means that the game does not end up in the trash after half an hour. Still, the gameplay is of course quite consistent and much of the same, but fans of this genre will undoubtedly enjoy it. The audio consisting of crynchy synth-rock and fynky jazz-fusion was composed by Dominic Ninmark, known from Moonrider, among others. The soundtracks blow away nicely due to the banging, and are certainly not annoying or overpowering. So I let them run while playing.

Mighty Goose may be a challenging game, but it becomes even more challenging when you run out of ammo and have no money to buy weapons. Then you just have to hope that your companion drops something or that he shoots down some enemies who throw down some weapons, but that chance is not always great. At the beginning of a level this is sometimes killing, since you can hardly progress any further, and that’s a shame. This is especially frustrating with bosses, but you will encounter it less there. Also the inconsistency of the drop rate of health packages is sometimes a bit annoying. Then you get no health for a while, and then you suddenly get 3 packages at the same time. A little more balance in this would have been desirable now and then.

Mighty Goose already sounds crazy, but it’s also just a bizarre game. Run-and-gunning is taken very literally in this game, because the bullets fly around at millions per hour. It is clear that the gameplay is not too deep, but in terms of content and upgrades you can still control some things. With a good number of levels you can get going and you will have the necessary hours (3 to 4), especially when you find out that you will regularly face death and have to redo complete parts. The game also costs relatively less. Do you like this genre? Then this is definitely a good addition, comparable to the Metal Slug franchise. That little bit of money that this title costs will be quite a challenge, but with some perseverance, this also immediately forms a game with which you can blow away your frustration!

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Author: Jeroen Janssen | Genre: Platformer/Shooter | Release: 05-06-2021 | Publisher: Playism | Developer: Blastmode/MP2 GamesGraphics: 7.5 † Sound: 7.5 † Gameplay: 7.5 † Controls: 8.5 † Playback: 7.0 7.5+ Great level design+ Run-and-gun gameplay feels good+ Nice upgrades- Might be too challenging for some- Quite simplistic- Sometimes you run out of ammo/weapons