Mobile gaming as we all know is always accessible, especially because it is mostly found on our smartphones. Numbers don’t lie, mobile gamers are many more of those consoles and PCs, or better they spend a lot more.

Recently data have been published that indicate how many users spend their money on mobile platforms, discarding consoles and PCs. This news certainly does not mean that the gaming PC or the gaming console is dead, not at all, it only shows the disparity that has arisen between the two types of users.

Those who play Clash of Clans, Clash Royale or other mobile games know perfectly well that microtransactions can be performed within the game, that is, you can buy particular points or objects in order to progress and the expense to be faced is not like that of a game triple A. We are talking about a few euros for certain purchases, precisely for this reason the number of players willing to spend on mobile titles rose to 40%, which means a disproportionate amount of money.

The podium still remains of the titles for consoles and PCs, given the expense to be faced for a single game, but with the passage of time and with mobile developers always looking for the best method to monetize, all this could change.

What do you think? as gamers do you believe that mobile gaming will become a giant of the industry? Or are you sure that despite everything, the world of mobile games is not able to impose itself that much?


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