With more than 500,000 apps available on the iTunes App Store, the choices are almost limitless. Many of the most popular videogames are now available in the form of apps, some of them have a low cost, others a price to pay that is often less than one euro, many can be downloaded for free. In the vast universe of apps available for Ipad and iPhone, it often becomes difficult to choose, those in the following post are recommended, or at least it is worth spending a few cents or taking time to download and install them.

Among the paid games apps The Walking Dead turns out to be one of the most interesting, the price is not among the cheapest, about 5 euros per episode and 20 euros for all five. After the fortune and success of the television series, here too the players play the role of the protagonist Lee Everett, who must survive in a world populated by zombies and other more or less friendly characters.

Among those of Ski-On-Neon action, downloadable completely free, can be addictive, it is a videogames with a rather simple graphic system, especially when compared with the difficulty of tilting the skis in the correct way, when landing. . Perhaps jumping on skis has never been so simple and complex at the same time.

If you shift your focus to the Outwitters strategy game app you definitely earn a note of merit, and not just because it’s free. The game is available in multiplayer mode and you can access one-on-one or two-on-two games, the aim of the game is to build resources called wits that can be spent on equipment, men and armaments, they will be used to destroy the enemy base and win the game.

Mobile gaming is increasingly becoming a strategic sector for many video game developer companies, the world of apps perfectly coincides with this growth, an evolution that gives life to new platforms and gaming experiences: action, online ******, strategy and adventure, each sector has its musts. Smartphones and tablets are becoming the new mobile gaming consoles at the same time. Often these apps are completely free to download and the earnings of the developers are above all in the accessory packages that each user, to continue and excel in the game, is led to buy.


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