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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Brings Stealth and Trouble to Switch

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Brings Stealth and Trouble to Switch

In 2018, we talk about Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. The game, which reminds you right away XCOM, brings a little more to the gameplay, like stealth, and even some RPG elements. The great fun of the game is the mixture of strategy game elements, which value the management of resources and the right time for actions, with action elements, such as stealth, great to escape from enemies even stronger than you.

The game has arrived for the Switch, and with all his proposal, everything indicated that the marriage would be perfect. Thinking about the console’s mobile mode, the game’s dynamic is ideal for those who like the genre, and good enough to work in portable mode.

The universe is interesting. Based on a tabletop RPG from the 80s, you control some mutants, which are animals that came to life due to a global past full of wars, and natural disasters. In a typical post-apocalyptic world, it’s up to you to protect the Ark, a camp of survivors and, in the game, investigate the disappearance of Hammon, one of the most important patriots in the place.

A pity that all this was brought to the Switch in such a weird way. On the Dock, okay, the console even plays the game well. But in portable mode, which has proven to be good in several other games that have been ported to the Switch, the game changes its figure negatively. Low resolution, weird graphics and visual effects without much quality. These problems come to hinder the exploration of the scenarios, since because of the game’s vision, the elements are very small.

These are problems that give the impression that the responsible team simply didn’t bother — or didn’t have adequate time — to test and polish the game in portable mode. Everything indicates that new updates may alleviate this, but at least for now, the ideal is to play the game only on the Dock.

But, technical problems aside, the owners of the video game Nintendo gain a very interesting extra. O Switch Directly received the Deluxe version, which has the expansion Seed of Evil, with expansion of the main story, new maps and new character.

As a whole, Mutant Year Zero is a very interesting game. It is a great strategy option for the Switch, even with the aforementioned issues, which we hope will be resolved by updates. The game is still fun, with a unique mix of strategy and action, and it’s worth it for fans of the genre.