A dispute between NACON and Frogwares over the interpretation of the publishing contract for the video game “The Sinking City” has been pending in French courts for several months. For the sake of transparency, Nacon would like to inform its partners and customers that a first enforceable decision has been made by the Court of Appeal of Paris on October 28, 2020.

The Court ruled that Frogwares had terminated the contract in a “clearly illegal” manner and that therefore, as a “precautionary measure, it ordered the continuation of the contract (…) until its expiration or until a decision has been reached on the breach of this contract. ” The Court also ordered Frogwares Ireland “to refrain from any action in breach of this contract and to refrain from any act which impedes its continuation (…)”.

Confirmed in its expectations by this decision and regardless of the time needed to finally resolve this dispute, NACON continues its action in defense of its rights. Following this court decision, NACON has asked platforms and sites to put the game The Sinking City back online so that no one is affected by this situation. It does specify that to the extent that some of the game’s online options depend on Frogwares’ good will to perform, their absence is not attributable to NACON.

Starting today, The Sinking City is back for sale on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One. The game will return to Steam (PC) and the PlayStation Store (PS4) at a later date.

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