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New Android functions for Messages, Google TV and others


New Android functions for Messages, Google TV and others

This week is all about updates and new features. Numerous security gaps were patched with the Android and Pixel Security Bulletin, the Pixel Feature Drop brought many innovations to the Pixel phones and Android 12L/12.1 is also being rolled out. However, there are other updates for various apps. However, some are only for Pixel users or Android One subscribers.

iPhone reactions are shown in Messages, Google Photos, Inbox

All emoji reactions from iPhone users are now also displayed when exchanging messages via Messenger/SMS/Android Messages with an Android device. Furthermore, photos and videos sent via MMS via Messages are displayed in the same resolution as the link to Google Photos.

Messages can now be sorted into Personal and Work folders, making your inbox cleaner. Another option is the ability to have one-time password SMS automatically deleted after 24 hours.

There will be an info to reply to messages you may have forgotten. The birthday reminders already described are also coming.

New grammar correction feature from GBoard

More than just a spell checker, Gboard’s new grammar correction feature works fully on your device. It recognizes grammatical errors and makes suggestions for your text.

When words aren’t enough to tell your story, Emoji Kitchen now has over 2,000 new emoji mashups available as stickers via Gboard. For Pixel users, GBoard converts your words into colorful stickers labeled with your created text. (US-only for now).

Live Transcribe now also works offline

Developed in partnership with leading university for the deaf or hard of hearing, Gallaudet University, Live Transcribe provides real-time speech-to-text captions to enable everyday face-to-face conversations between deaf or hard of hearing people. The app comes preinstalled on Pixel and Samsung devices and is available as a free download for everyone. Live Transcribe also now offers an offline mode for when WiFi and data are unavailable, such as on an airplane, on the subway, or in other areas without continuous internet.

Portrait blur in Google Photos is extended to animals and objects

Google One subscribers or Pixel users can now apply portrait blur to objects or animals in Google Photos. The option will be available soon in the Google Photos app.

Google TV App gets a personalized feed with the Highlights tab

After the update, the Google TV app will get a Highlights tab. It’s a personalized feed of entertainment news, reviews and more based on the movies and shows you’ve saved and watched.

When you discover something interesting, a tap takes you straight to the movie, TV show, or video the article is based on. You can then view it, rate it or put it on the watch list.

Pay for parking with Google Assistant and Google Pay

With Google Assistant and Google Pay you can pay for your parking tickets, check your parking status by voice or extend the parking time. However, the feature is US onlay in over 400 US cities in ParkMobile street parking zones.

Digital wellbeing widget

Digital wellbeing gets a widget. This shows your screen time at a glance and the three most used apps that day. With a tap on the widget you can set daily timers for the apps, use focus mode, bedtime mode and more.

Nearby Share – Share files with more than one person at a time

With Nearby Share you can share different files like photos, videos, documents, links and more between two nearby devices. The update also allows sharing with several people at the same time. You simply tap on “Add more recipients” and the transmission will start to other recipients nearby. Sharing with several people at the same time via Nearby Share is now being rolled out on all Android 6 and higher devices.