Before saying goodbye to E3 2018, they had to do it in a big way, presenting at the last minute yesterday an interview with Hideo Kojima (@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN) about Death Stranding and immediately after an interview about The Last of Us Part II. We have met in this interview a lot of new details about the artificial intelligence of the enemies in The Last of Us Part II as well as the possibilities of close combat in the game.

Developers Kurt Margenau (@kurtmargenau) and Anthony Newman (@BadData_) of Naughty Dog (@Naughty_Dog) have given us an insight into what the combat system will look like in The Last of Us Part II. From its possibilities to the artificial intelligence of the enemies that we will face with Ellie.

Ellie’s combat system

Ellie doesn’t have the same body mass or strength as Joel, so her fighting style is more creative, agile, and quick. She still she is just as lethal.

They have developed a combat system superb that automatically reacts with the attacks of the enemies, who by the way, They won’t have a single type of attack, they will have a complete set. With this system, we will see how Ellie will dodge a blow, the system will read the movement of the enemy attack, and contextually Ellie will dodge it in different ways depending on his position, even interacting with the stage as we could see in the trailer when he crashes into the car (6:47). All this makes The Last of Us Part II endowed with a lot of realism compared to any other game in the genre to date.

They also mention that the cover and stealth system has been touched. It’s similar to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End where we can hide in the bushes, but much more advanced since with Ellie we can crawl at any time, even under cars as it appears in the last trailer seen.

The artificial intelligence of the enemies. Humanity above all

“The AI ​​is much more elaborate than the previous game, because the enemies are constantly coordinating their movements with each other, they talk to each other constantly sharing information and they are referred to by different names throughout the game, thus making the game much more real”

We do not remember a game right now with this detail as marked as we have seen in the trailer. I would have to remember and investigate, but it is something that should have come to video games at least ten years ago. We must accept that realism is part of cinema as it has been part of video games for a long time. Giving personality and humanism to the “random enemies” was necessary, and the study in charge of The Last of Us Part II wants to carry it out.

Also the enemies will have a move set for each weapon they have. They will not have a single weapon to attack us, they may be guns, bows, hammers, knives, machetes, and they will not always attack us with the same movements. They can catch us from behind in full combat if we are being surrounded, among other things. All this will make the combat very realistic, random and unpredictable.

The scenarios do not “reveal the situation”

“At Naughty Dog we have set out to break with the line of ‘combat scenario and exploration scenario’ that the previous game had. We want the player not to know in advance that a fight is coming or that we are now in a moment of rest”

Another superb detail on the part of Naughty Dog is the attempt destabilize the player so you don’t know where there will be a huge fight and where we will have a break. A repeating pattern in most video games since video games exist, and now the Naughty Dog team will try to distort to give more realism to all of The Last of Us Part II.

In addition, all the scenarios in the game will have alternative routes to escape and to hide. Fighting will not be mandatory at any time, they want players to decide if we have to fight, sneak undetected, or run. It depends on us. In addition, the irregularity of the terrain is much more elaborate than in the first The Last of Us, without being as defined as before.

More details

  • The analog stealth system works by combining the density of the bushes with Ellie’s position (crawling or crouching), it is a better system than the previously used one, although similar. An early version of this concept was used in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.
  • The game enhances the strategic options available to players, represented by Naughty Dog’s experience and loyalty. the experience will be great
  • Ellie has become much more capable of combat thanks to her way of Dodge. In addition to the objects that you can find along the way, the players will have to be strategic and use all the possible resources to counteract intelligence of enemies.
  • The Naughty Dog team also questioned the melee combat system and looked for ways to do it more complex, more realistic and with more options for the players. They added a defensive option (such as dodge) and have given a new dimension of possibilities.
  • Players will be able to deal with multiple enemies at once, and determine when to go forward and when to go back.
  • In the words of Naughty Dog’s Kurt Margenau and Anthony Newman: “It’s like going from 2D to 3D in terms of combat.”
  • They have developed a system where when dodging, the system will analyze the enemy attack and Ellie will dodge that attack contextually with the stage. Throughout the game and with all the elements of the scenario.
  • Enemies use a lot of weapons, and they have different movements to fight, interacting with Ellie and with the stage at all times. Basically it means that what we saw in the trailer are not scripts to use in certain situations, but scripts integrated into each combat and with each variant.
  • The demo we saw in the Sony E3 2018 Conference trailer is very open, it’s possible to go completely different paths. Depending on your selection.
  • One of the objectives was to develop different routes so that the player decides where to go. Fighting is always an option, but it is not mandatory, all levels have hiding places and areas to escape. Escaping will not be easy once detected by the enemy.
  • Escape has much more dimensionality than the previous game. Ellie is more agile and quick, and because of this she can jump over many obstacles quickly and smoothly.
  • There will be upgradable weapons and different types of ammunition to develop with the items we find. All of this combined is the perfect connection for collecting materials to craft ammo or upgrade your weapons, as well as the game’s gunplay altered by these weapons.
  • The infected will be a big threat too, and there will be new types in The Last of Us Part II.

E3 2018 Trailer

: Giusseppe Nelva of Dualshockers.


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