Slowly, the campaign is three times the original goal.

$ 500,000. That’s all he wanted to get from Larian Studios to prepare the Divinity: Original Sin 2-t. The Kickstarter campaign had barely started, and that amount had already come together in just a few hours. The players’ willingness to donate has not waned since, the money raised crossed the 1 million mark a narrow week ago, and now they are close to 1.4 million. There are still 18 days left in the campaign, so fans can still have plenty to get into the community to unlock more and more extra content. The developers set new goals to be achieved up to $ 2 million due to the high level of interest. With the right money, official mod support can even come into play, love can be created between the characters, or rivalry can break out. For 2 million, Game Master mode is completed, which looks like something really hardcore extra based on the role-playing dice next to it. So the opportunity is still given for players to get the most out of the project by throwing their money.


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