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new intrusion into your data


new intrusion into your data

WhatsApp wants to change one of the features that has been in the app for the longest time. WhatsApp’s two-step demo aims to make the switch quicker and more convenient, though you’ll have to jump through the permissions hoop. With permission, the app wants to simplify the registration process. To achieve this, it wants to make you forget about the demo SMS and make the process almost transparent for you. The idea is interesting, but the method to take it to Angla hides a permit more you need to give the application.

Goodbye to demo SMS on WhatsApp? If you want yes

Right now WhatsApp has two forms check that your account is starting on your mobile and that it is you who makes the movement: SMS or call. The first one is the most global and the one you probably used the last time you configured WhatsApp. The app sends a SMS with a demo code that you must enter to log in.

If you can’t take SMS, you can have WhatsApp call you and a voiceover will tell you the code digit by digit. In this way, WhatsApp ensures that the person who is logging in is the owner of the number associated with the account. without this code you can’t configure whatsapp on a new mobile.

The function the company is now working on is faster and easier. If you grant the necessary permissions WhatsApp will automatically verify that the login It is done from the mobile owner of the account. How? It will call your number and the app itself will start scanning which incoming calls are coming through.

If WhatsApp detects that the call reaches the same device that is trying to log in will validate the demo and allow you to enter. Thanks to this method you will not have to change applications or enter codes of any kind.

It is a relatively secure system, because if you try to log in from another device and the demo call is not detected on it, you will not be able to log in. Of course, SMS will remain an option in case you don’t want to accept the necessary permission for this method.

You must give WhatsApp permission to view your call history

This function is free when we talk about finances, but not when we talk about data. If you activate it, it will be more feasible to log in to WhatsApp, but you will give even more personal data. For this function to have a space WhatsApp must know the Call History of your terminal to detect the incoming call.

would you grant WhatsApp all the data about your call history. The company probably claims that it will only use this information to log in, but we already know what happens with these issues.

It’s a cool feature, but if you don’t mind entering the SMS code, you’d better stick with this method so that WhatsApp I have no communication to more information about you.