Everyone liked the first Max Payne 3 trailer that the rockstar released in September, right? Because today, the company released a new video for the game, which features a bit of the technical part, the mechanics of shootings, artificial intelligence and much more!

Check out the new video below, which already delivers something interesting: by the way, in addition to the Max Payne of the present, bald and paunchy, we can also control the Max Payne from past. Considering that the agent came to Brazil to escape his past, these excerpts should work as memories or flashbacks:

For those who skid in English, here’s a summary of the opera: to ensure a good gaming experience, the rockstar is doing his best to mix the aiming accuracy of an FPS with the importance of a typical third-person game character.

New animations give the character a more fluid and realistic movement, so he has the mobility to dodge enemy fire without losing sight of his targets. With this new animation scheme, Max can distribute shots in 360 degrees, rolling and turning in a realistic way.

With a mix of animations and realistic physics, the characters Max Payne move and act realistically within the game’s world and physics.

The famous bullet time effect will be used in order to make the shootings more intense and cinematic. Combined with the kill cam – which shows the moment of death of your enemies in a dramatic way – the feature promises to make the game even more stylish and bloody.

The game’s artificial intelligence will be different for each type of enemy: street gangs will act in one way, trained police in another, ranging from going up, seeking cover and even calling for help when shot. With realistic physics, each bullet impact will be felt differently by enemies.

And the rockstar seems determined to deliver a game with truly innovative mechanics!

The game will be released in March 2012, with versions confirmed for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.


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