Nokia Android smartphones. It is in the dreams of many enthusiasts to be able to buy and use a Nokia device with Android on board; if this dream has been broken in the past by Microsoft Nokia C1 could revive this hope.

The news about Nokia C1, the first Nokia Android smartphone after the sale of the mobile division to Microsoft, they had stopped a few months ago with nothing; today, to the delight of enthusiasts and non-fans alike, a new render of what could be Nokia C1 has appeared.

The first Nokia Android smartphone may not only be equipped with the Google home operating system: according to rumors Nokia C1 will be released in two versions, one with Android, and the other with Windows 10.

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It shouldn’t be a dual-boot, according to rumors they will be two distinct and separate versions; it will take at least another year to see this product on the market, as the company has signed a contract with Microsoft that bans it from using the Nokia brand until the end of 2016.



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