Sony has announced that it will be offering new PlayStation classics in Japan on the PlayStation Store starting December 21 (that is, tomorrow). It would be about games that are sold for 525 Yen a piece, converted only 3.36 Euro. The games can be found in the ‘Game Archives’ menu and can be played on the PlayStation Portable if firmware version 3.03 is downloaded and installed. It concerns the following games:

– R-Types (Irem)
– Taiyou no Shippo: Wild, Pure, Simple Life (Artdink)
– Migi Hadari USA (Artdink)
– Dino Crisis (Capcom)
– Global Force (Sony)
– Gekitotsu Toma L’Arc: L’Arc-en-Ciel vs Tomarunner (Sony)
– Little Princess: Maru Oukoku no Ningyou Hime 2 (Nippin Ichi)
– The Conveni: Anomachi o Dokusenseyo (Hamster)
– mr. Driller (Bandai Namco)


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