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New Redmi K40 Gaming Edition: features, opinions and price

New Redmi K40 Gaming Edition: features, opinions and price

The Redmi gaming mobile is now official. The company has just announced it in China with a series of features, design and price that make it one of the best options on the market. This device is named after Redmi K40 Gaming Roll and it is the first focused on games from the company’s direct catalogue. East android mobile It is consolidated as one of the most advanced options, with the best design and the lowest price.

Redmi K40 Gaming Edition: triggers, aggressive design and LED

The design of the new terminal is adapted to certain parts of the redmi k40 different, but with a much more aggressive and lacy appearance. The terminal offers a series of LEDs placed on the camera module that light up when you activate the lace mode and that they are probably configurable from the configuration.

The strangest thing about this design is its right band, which, houses two triggers and two switches. These triggers are hidden in the environment and are activated by dedicated switches. If you activate them they emerge so you can have an effective switch and not a tactile one like in others mobile for games.

The exterior is identical to that of the Redmi K40 Pro and has a centered display hole. It is widely used and is one of the few socket devices that does not use traditional symmetrical bezels. In our opinion it is a mistake, although the experience of the winner when he is not playing reset compared to other mobiles in this niche of the market.

Features of Redmi K40 Gaming Edition

As for specifications, this device is one of the most interesting of the moment to put. It is not the most powerful, but thanks to not being, yes. you can buy it as the most used. Its processor is the most powerful of MediaTek, a chip that has proven to be only slightly below the contemporary Snapdragon 888. This audacity means that Redmi can offer a superior enrollment scale performance and a lower price than usual.

The rest of the features leave us with a registration scale device prepared for 5G networks, with the best possible connectivity and a group that is loaded from the 1% to 100% in just 42 minutes.

Price and availability of the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition

East Redmi K40 Gaming Roll It has been officially presented in China with a very attractive price. No foul has been mentioned about international expansion, which we don’t know if it will turn into a sincerity. We will have to wait for Xiaomi Spain or other subsidiaries of the company in Europe to talk about it.

These prices for the Chinese market will increase when the device arrives in Spain or other parts of Poniente, so you cannot gravitate your possible transaction on these figures. Of course, it is very likely that we will see a rapid increase that will continue to place the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition as the most used mobile in its nichestill in the west.