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New Resident Evil to be unveiled during Tokyo Game Show

New Resident Evil to be unveiled during Tokyo Game Show

THE Capcom got everyone bristling with the teaser of a long-awaited ad: Project Resistance is the code name for the next resident Evil, which must be properly old from here a few days ago!

Yesterday, the company launched the website Project Resistance, something that wouldn’t even be so exciting… if the lyrics R and AND in resistance were not red, following the molds of the RE 2 Remake released earlier this year.

The site doesn’t bring much more content, but leaves the expectation for September 9th, when the first teaser-trailer will be presented. In addition, the site makes it clear that accredited press will be able to see firsthand the game’s first gameplay.

What’s next?

resident Evil it’s at a very curious moment in its history: the seventh game shook the series’ formula a lot, but it was very well received by the public and critics, and could serve as a fresh start for the franchise, which wasn’t doing very well on its legs after 2 episodes major more or less.

In parallel to that, we had the remake of Resident Evil 2, which was also a huge success, not only for revisiting, but also for giving another face to one of the most beloved games in the franchise, which turned into a completely different experience, while still retaining much of its essence.

And, let’s not forget about the spin offs: the series Resident Evil Revelations, for example, has already hosted two games, and although it doesn’t have the same appeal as the main games, it has earned its place in the sun — and it undoubtedly manages to be much better than resident Evil 6.

One more enigmatic question: these images that you can see below were supposedly “leaked” from the trailer that will be shown on the 9th. More specifically, they would be thumbnails captured from the video that is about to open at the Youtube:

The toss of 4 different characters seen there reminds a little of another spin off of the series: Resident Evil Outbreak, which also had 2 main games back in the PS2, and had as a great differential the cooperative online game for 4 players.

In other words: now the Capcom can so surprise everyone with a Resident Evil 8 to follow the line of 7, as it can also drive fans crazy by officializing the remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and taking advantage of the success of the RE2 Remake — or even bet on a spin off that escapes the chronology and bet on something different to keep the series diversified.

I honestly don’t even know what would be more f*cking: a resident Evil new, or the neat remake of the third episode of the series, which was very emblematic for the **** that the Nemesis it gave us. What do you prefer?

Well, but the fact is that on the day September 9th we find out what the Capcom is up to. keep an eye on BestyGames, because of course we’ll tell you everything around here! ?