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New Samsung Galaxy F52 5G, better than Galaxy A52?

New Samsung Galaxy F52 5G, better than Galaxy A52?

Samsung has just completed, a little more, its average nuance with a very interesting new device. It prostitution of Samsung Galaxy F52 5G, a terminal that houses several features of the Galaxy A52 5G. It can be asserted that this F52 is a lite translation of the A52 dumped a while ago. Despite this, it comes with interesting features and a lower price, so it could be a very good option for some users. Of course, at the moment you will not be able to buy it: it has been released in China and there is no part of its expansion.

This is the new Samsung Galaxy F52 5G of medium shade

A simple glance is enough to realize that this device has a lower design than other models such as the Galaxy A72 or Galaxy A52. Its lines are rougher, the rear part is worse finished and they do not have as many careful details that we do see in other models.

Your back is not rounded: it’s a shiny plastic cap which creates an edge with the neighboring situation. The front offers a typical use of space and a hole in the upper right corner to hold the camera.

It’s a simple design that follows the path of many other medium shades. Of course, we must not forget that all Samsung media shades are made of plastic, little that other companies improve considerably by integrating metal and glass in the same price ranges.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy F52 5G

The main differences between Samsung Galaxy F52 and the Galaxy A52 we find them in 3 sections: screen, camera and resistor. If proportionately the Galaxy A52 has an AMOLED panel, this new device deduces its quality and includes a IPS-LCD panel. Of course, it maintains 120 Hz.

The camera also subtly downgrades the quality of its secondary wide-angle sensor. While in the Galaxy A52 it is 12 MP, it now becomes 8 MP in the Galaxy F52. Yet loses intellectual property certification that the Galaxy A52 enjoys, so this new device is not as resistant to water and dust.

Samsung Galaxy F52 5G price

This device has been presented in China with a price of approximately 250 euros or about 310 dollars. That’s a legitimate price for a 5G device with a neat processor and plenty of similarities to the Galaxy A52. On top of that, many users may be more interested in this correct mannequin at its small price.

It is completely unknown if this Samsung Galaxy F52 5G will arrive in Spain or Latin America officially. It seems difficult to memorize what the Samsung catalog is currently like, but everything is possible.