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New trailer for Sea of ​​Solitude, from EA Originals


New trailer for Sea of ​​Solitude, from EA Originals

Since the EA Play 2018 event, new information has been released about Sea of ​​Solitude, an indie game that has the full support of the company through the EA Originals program, a division of Electronic Arts created for this purpose.

As the creative director of the game has said, it was written in a moment of loneliness and crisis for the artist herself, a fact that she wanted to make quite clear in the title. From my humble point of view, it promises to be a very intense game with a lot of emotional quality.

Below you can enjoy the new trailer of the game, along with its official description, with which you can learn more about the story:

When humans are too lonely, they turn into monsters. This happened to Kay. But she is not alone: ​​the ocean is full of creatures just like her. If you find them, you may discover the key to turn her back into a human. Sea of ​​Solitude is a third person exploration game from Jo-Mei Games. Join Kay as she navigates the waters of heartbreak, empathy, and hope.

As stated at the end of the video, the game will be released in early 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.