Frogwares Games brings us today a new video behind the scenes of The Sinking City, an open world, horror and investigation game. This time, the trailer focuses on the use of visual storytelling.

The importance of the visual in a game

In the video, film artists Dmytro Teplinsky and Andrew Kudriashov talk about how much video games take direction from filmmakers and other artists with the aim of creating your own kinematics.

They focus on the use of color, lighting and camera angles to explore how each impacts the player’s perception of the story being told.

One area they talk about is the use of color. Kudriashov explains that the use of color is often used to highlight the level of sanity of the protagonist, Charles W. Reed. He has given the example of using the color red in a scene as it is the color of blood and traditionally symbolizes violence in a movie.

Teplinsky focuses on lighting and how it can create an atmosphere and tell a story on its ownespecially one as cryptic as Lovecraft’s horror-inspired one.

You can watch the video below. If you want to see more, don’t miss a cinematic trailer and another trailer about its terror and gameplay, two essential aspects in the game.

The Sinking City will be on sale on March 21, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We tell you our experience with him in these impressions.


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