We never get enough rumors, especially if they concern the Nintendo NX. It seems that the next Nintendo console will have four remastered WiiU titles at launch.

The rumor comes from a discussion born on the vgchartz forum and from the Twitter account of Emily Rogers, insider who became famous for having revealed in advance Paper Mario Color Splash and an update of Splatoon. As for the possible remastered editions that should come out for Nintendo NX, we still know little, although most likely one of the possible remastered titles for NX will be The Legend of Zelda.

Given the nature of the information, we just have to wait for an official move by Nintendo itself, so as to avoid falling as already happened in rumors that turned out to be hoaxes (someone remembers the infamous alleged NX controller).

As for the insider Emily Rogers, know that his account is still private, therefore it is impossible to examine the direct source of the rumor. As usual, our advice always remains the same: take the information with due precautions, even if this insider in question has shown several times to have excellent informants.

Do you think the rumors about NX are true? If so, which titles would you like to transport from WiiU to Nintendo NX?


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