I am sure that many of the readers of this article have had one or even more branded smartphones in the past Nokia. This is not surprising since Nokia was once the undisputed king of the mobile phone market. However, in the last decade the company has not had much success, with an increase in losses and its (unsuccessful) decision to tie into Microsoft’s Windows platform. We have all dreamed of one Android-based Nokia smartphone, then with the Finnish company’s solid hardware and Google’s open source platform. Already a few months ago there were rumors about the arrival of Nokia Android smartphones and apparently we are now at a real turning point!

After the establishment of the new company ‘Nokia Technologies‘, we have repeatedly heard that there is no intention of entering the smartphone market directly. But now, things have become much clearer and it now seems certain that soon (within a few months) we will see Nokia Android smartphones.

Nokia Technologies today revealed that it has given exclusive global license to HMD Global, a startup based in its home country of Finland. This means that HMD Global will now be able to produce smartphones and tablets under the Nokia brand. In return, Nokia Technologies gets royalties for using its name. The company also decided to acquire the rights to use the Nokia name from Microsoft.

At the same time, Microsoft is selling its business to FIH Mobile, a Foxconn subsidiary for $ 350 million. The deal is expected to close by the second half of 2016. And guess what: FIH and HMD Global have entered into a collaboration agreement, which gives full operational control of the sales, marketing and distribution of Nokia smartphones.

So, it seems that things are finally going well to relaunch Nokia smartphones. The company also confirms that all Nokia smartphones and tablets will be based on Android, which is what many wanted from the start.

The question many are asking is: “But will Nokia Technologies have a seat on the board of HMD Global to ensure the quality and reputation of the Nokia name in the devices it creates?”

The answer seems simple as HMD Global is founded by former Nokia employees, so a big project on the upcoming Nokia smartphones can be expected. The company also confirmed that former Nokia Executive and current head of the Microsoft Mobile Business department for Greater Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Arto Nummela, will become the CEO of HMD.


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