Windows Phone phones are expected from the Finnish manufacturer.

It was announced in February Nokia and the Microsoftto start cooperating in the field of mobile phones. The final agreement was also signed on April 21, as a result of which, among other things, the Windows Mobile operating system will appear on some new devices of the Finnish mobile manufacturer. The mutual cooperation (the result of which the two companies refer to as the “global mobile ecosystem”) mainly covers:

    • They combine additional services. For example, Nokia provides map service, navigation, and certain location-specific services for Windows Phone. Microsoft provides Bing Search for Nokia devices and joins forces in games and social media, for example. A new Nokia-branded app store launches on the Windows Marketplace infrastructure. The two companies are working together to win over developers to create new local and global applications by providing free Windows Phone developer registration for all Nokia developers.
    • Microsoft will receive ongoing royalties from Nokia for the Windows Phone platform, starting with the delivery of the first Nokia products with Windows Phone.
    • Nokia will receive billions of dollars in payments, “acknowledging the unique nature of the agreement and Nokia’s contributions.”

    The first Nokia products based on Windows Phone are expected to be released in 2012.


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