These should have been busy days for Microsoft. In fact, according to the initial plans, the month of October would have been that of the launch of the Windows Phone Nokia McLaren 3D Touch. But this did not happen.

Right now, perhaps due to a reorganization of the databases, Evleaks has posted a new image of the smartphone. This is what they were marketing materials are also ready scheduled for launch.
Furthermore, as if that were not enough, the site Baidu has published a video in which you can see the prototype realized.

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The reason for the non-production – or rather, unfinished production – of the Nokia McLaren is to be seen first in the very ambitious 3D Touch project. Yes, just what was supposed to be the flagship of the Microsoft manufacturer.

Apparently, the cancellation of the project concerning the 3D Touch – also referred to as Real Motion – was caused by manced capacity of the agenda of creating a truly interactive system. Hence the realization that yes the system was really ambitious and innovative, but it would have been a flop from the start.

If we then add to this the cut in the number of employees made by Microsoft – the largest number of layoffs in its history – it is easy to understand the line taken by the company itself.

To date, the new 3D Touch technology remains a mere project but nothing excludes that in the future Microsoft can take it into consideration and use it on other devices.



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