Nokia wearables. Microsoft, in recent years, has acquired one of the most important smartphone manufacturers, namely Nokia.

As highlighted by the various components still within the company, Nokia is working hard not to throw away everything that the Finnish company has done over the years.

According to recent rumors, the company is looking for partners to launch Nokia wearable devices.

The launch of Nokia wearable devices it cannot take place before the end of 2016, due to the agreement made with Microsoft during the acquisition of the Finnish company.

A first notice of Nokia’s intentions came thanks to an announcement, published on the Linkedin platform, in which Nokia made available a job for a computational biologist; a biologist who would have been responsible for managing data from multiple wearable devices.

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A new press release confirms the hypothesis of the release of Nokia wearable devices, and combined with a patent relating to a new notification system suggest the arrival of this type of terminal.



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