The new devices have been tailored to the user interface of Lumia devices.

Instead of the usual ones, another operating system will be added to some Nokia smartphones. So far, the manufacturer has stuck to its own system software (plus the Windows Phone operating system, but if we look at it, it’s practically “in-house” already, even if the other way around), but it has seen that many users would prefer to choose the old brand name. , are averse to the software running on their phones and prefer to search for android devices. Well, they offer them an alternative to the new Nokia X. series, the first member of which (Nokia X) will soon be available in Hungary. The whole X-Series is similar in appearance to the Lumia series, and in addition to black and white, they also come in stores in a variety of vibrant colors. Inside, the Nokia X features a 1 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor with 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of internal memory expandable to 32 GB, a 4-inch display (480 * 800 pixels resolution), and a 1500 mAh battery. , 3 megapixel, fixed focus camera on the back, and what is important is that the SIM model, which will be available in Hungary soon, can be inserted (so it is expected that it will not be added to the range of mobile operators, as they are still averse to such solutions).

The new phones run Android 4.1.2, more specifically a customized version by Nokia. Google services (eg Maps, Play Store, push service) have been removed and replaced with the appropriate Nokia software (HERE Maps, Nokia Store, etc.). Unfortunately, this is how users fall short of one of Android’s most enticing features, specifically the Play Store’s huge selection of software. Fortunately, developers don’t have much to do with making their Android app available to Nokia X users: if they don’t use Google services, they can easily upload it to the Nokia Store (there are currently a few tens of thousands of apps there); instead of the Google API, they need to adapt their program to Nokia’s programming interfaces. As Tamás Dankovics, Nokia’s Director of Business Development for the region, said, a very important difference for the store is that while Google definitely needs a credit card purchase, Nokia has an agreement with all three domestic service providers to pay users to buy in the store on their mobile accounts. . And in their experience, this can be a crucial consideration for domestic users, because no matter how secure it is, a lot of people are still averse to buying on a mobile phone card.

It’s also important to mention that no matter how Android-based the Nokia X is, the interface may be quite unusual for users of the Google system at first. Nokia has completely redesigned the display, and users are greeted by a “tiled” user interface similar to Lumia devices. On the home screen, you can find programs and widgets organized into several groups with colored backgrounds, and if you flick the screen sideways, the Fastlane screen introduced on Asha phones appears, listing recent programs, previous calls, and other activities for convenience.

The Nokia X with two SIM cards is expected to hit Hungarian stores in April, in bright green, bright red, cyan, yellow, and black and white, at a price of nearly 40,000 forints. The X + with 768 MB of memory is not expected to be released in Hungary, but the 5-inch (and also equipped with 768 MB of RAM) Nokia XL will sooner or later be available in Hungary.


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