Who has magic, does not need tricks. Or maybe this time yes, specifically a smartphone to carry out the practice of magic. It is the illusion of both children and those who are not, but it is a discipline that requires knowledge and a lot of training, even for the most basic tricks. However, in the Play Store we have options to start learning.

We find apps for all kinds of levels, you don’t have to be an expert in the field or have previous knowledge, even the most beginners have their place in this top. We are going to review the best options that we find in the store, both illusion tricks like card games.

Learn Magic Tricks

The main problem that we find is English, although it should not be an obstacle not to try this app either. It has numerous categories to start in this world, both cards, mathematical tricks and even magic for all kinds of situations, whether on the street or in a bar.

Magic Tricks by Mikael Montier

An entrepreneur who has decided to make the most of magic to reach every home. Property of this we also find board games, and now it is on Android where we have the most famous tricks at hand. The broken letter and other digital tricks that will leave your own and others with your mouth open.


Only suitable for card lovers. It consists of up to 4 levels of difficulty, depending on the knowledge we have, of numerous tutorials with their respective demonstration videos. It even has its own store to buy the accessories that appear in these videos, although for this there is no trick, you will have to pay with real money.

GEEmmicK – Magic Tricks

Once again, the language problem is present. For those who are not very fluent in English, it may be a problem to understand the lessons. The app has a very well worked interface, although perhaps the catalog of tricks is somewhat fair, especially if we compare it with others on this list.

iMagicBox Cife

A magic box that holds countless magic tricks. Good news is that this app yes it has the Spanish language, so it will be easier to understand the explanations of each lesson. It consists of lifelong tricks such as those practiced with the hands, and what the developers call ‘Tecnomagia’, tricks that can only be done through mobile.

Easy to learn magic tricks

It shows in a more illustrative way the procedure to learn magic more easily. It offers both more traditional tricks and with little material, as the most current and advanced. Although, the problem most demanded by users is repeated, the lack of variety in languages, specifically the absence of Spanish in both texts and videos.

Magic Amino

Learn how to get the rabbit out of the hat with this app. In addition, it is strongly committed to the community section, with the possibility of sharing new tricks in the app with the public and establishing contact with other users. Even in magic we can make new friends.

Learn magic tricks – Magic trick video tutorials

Card tricks, coin tricks, illusionism… Endless lessons with their respective videos to illustrate us. Rather, it is a compilation, since these videos are not self-made, but rather collect public videos that are distributed throughout the internet.

Learn Easy Magic Tricks

This app believes that you don’t need so much video, if the lesson is well explained and well illustrated by images. Advocate for the magician’s creativity to persist in repeating the trick as many times as necessary, as videos can make things much easier.

Magic Trick: Force Calculator

The tricks are the great forgotten when we talk about magic, and they are very fun to use with the family or in gatherings of friends, since they do a lot of thinking. This app has taken this into account and for that reason, it has designed different number games to force the mind and memory of the spectators. In addition, the calculator with which we do the tricks can be personalized.


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