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Obscure – A side view revives the former horror game

Obscure – A side view revives the former horror game



Obscure came out nearly a decade ago and then completed in a sequel, but it didn’t really make a lasting impression. Now you are trying your luck in a completely different style of the game.

Focus Home Interactive has announced that it is preparing for Obscure, which will be the resurrection of the 2004 horror game of the same title. Like the original game, this time the high school students will be the protagonists, and we will also have the opportunity to play through the story in cooperative mode. But while the original two episodes showed our heroes in a fixed camera exterior view, the new game does the same in side view, so the visuals and gameplay also change radically. There will also be recurring elements, of course, such as characters with different abilities, a constant shortage of ammunition and equipment, and a constant tension about when a monster jumps around our necks.
The development is the responsibility of Mighty Rocket Studio, where several employees of the former Hydravision Entertainment, who made the original games (the studio closed last September), who worked for their former breadmaker, Obscure Dn, but were officially canceled before closing. It is possible that the game just announced is its intellectual heir. We don’t have to wait long for the release either, as it will be due sometime this spring for PCs for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, all three platforms in digital form. In addition to the announcement, some pictures and the first enthusiast arrived.