In order to quickly send a document by email, it is usually necessary to scan it and forward it in the correct format. The normal flatbed scanners usually need some time to scan the document. It’s easier with a handy scanner on your smartphone camera. There are many providers, but not all of them do a good job. We tried Office Lens today.

Office Lens is your always present, mobile scanner. No matter from which angle you take a picture of your document. Office Lens cleans up the recording and puts it in the right light. You save this document as a PDF, Word or PowerPoint file as well as directly in OneDrive or OneNote. You share your files directly on your smartphone. After a brief overview, you start with Office Lens.

Your document to be scanned can now lie crooked and crooked in poor light on the table. You hold your smartphone over it and the scanner looks for the right angle. A white frame captures the document and you click on the camera button. Zack, document scanned and perfectly prepared. You can now save this document by clicking on the floppy disk on the right-hand side of the screen, or use the trash can button to transport it into the vast expanses of the data universe.

With OfficeLens it is also possible to scan documents readable directly from a whiteboard. Office Lens automatically recognizes the printed / written text. You cut your document to size or change the display using the various buttons on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on the three points to get to the history and the app settings. Your saved document will be given a title by you. Then you specify how and where the document should be saved. Whether in OneDrive or OneNote, as a Word, PowerPoint or PDF file as well as a catalog. You confirm your entry by clicking on the tick at the top right of the screen.

With Office Lens you get really good photos of your documents. Simple operation and super recognition of the documents, even if they are crooked and crooked on the table and only a little dim light illuminates the room.

Office Lens is available free of charge from the Play Store. The app does not display any advertisements.

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