We all know very well how attentive Apple is to certain types of humanitarian issues and we also know how much attention is paid in particular to AIDS and the fight against this terrible disease. In fact, this is demonstrated by the presence in the catalog of products from the RED line, where part of the proceeds are donated to the RED association which deals with the fight against AIDS.

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, Apple has decided to continue along the path taken for some time, as mentioned with the RED product line, implementing an initiative, albeit symbolic, of great importance: coloring the logos with the bitten apple that dominate in red. the windows of Apple Stores all over the world, precisely to raise awareness, customers and public opinion on the very delicate problem of AIDS and to focus everyone’s attention on this important awareness day.

If these days you have in mind to buy something at the Apple Stores, the invitation that I feel like giving you, even if everyone is obviously free to do what they want, is to buy RED products since part of the proceeds are donated to charity to the RED association, which as I have already mentioned and as many of you know, is strongly committed to the fight against HIV.


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