There OnePlus 2 reservation list, inaugurated at the same time as the debut of the renamed “flagship killer of 2016” and now share 5 million, is destined to be closed by very short return of mail. From next week, in fact, each user will be prevented from being able to subscribe to the appropriate list, which in fact will still be in circulation, albeit relegated only to those who are already in the queue and, consequently, waiting for a useful invitation to purchase the Chinese smartphone.

There OnePlus 2 reservation list will therefore allow all those who have already registered to be able to move up or down the ranking through the “usual” mechanism for sharing links on the main social channels. The amount of users waiting is still large, although OnePlus has reassured everyone by stating that the production volumes of their smartphone are growing, a factor that should lead in the long run to a streamlining of the time of receipt of the fateful invitation.

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We do not know exactly what is the reason behind the brand’s strategy to close the OnePlus 2 reservation list. The time frame is at least suspicious, if we consider the increasingly insistent rumors around the mysterious OnePlus X (or Mini), supported from official teasers, anticipatory images seasoned with the slogan #PowerfullyBeautiful launched through social channels and at the press event scheduled for next 29 October in “that” in London.

What is certain is that the controversial invitation mechanism did not work properly and, who knows, the choice to close the OnePlus 2 reservation list it could be the harbinger of necessary measures to be formalized in conjunction with the launch of OnePlus X. The company has however reiterated that the purchase of its flagship is still possible, through “alternative” methods to invitations, such as contests and initiatives that the brand has launched in the past few weeks.

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