As many of you know, for a few days on the web we have been talking about the manufacturer One Plus which, barring unforeseen circumstances, on 12 October should unveil a new smartphone.

The device, according to rumors of the last hour, should take the name of OnePlus X, also because, the product just mentioned in the past few hours has received the certification from the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission, with the following code name: One E1005.

According to the FCC report, The One Plux X (One E1005) should arrive on the market with a CPU that will act at a speed of 1.9Ghz, WI-FI connectivity, GPS, LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, 5-inch touchscreen panel, finally, 2450 mAh battery for several hours of autonomy.

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Unfortunately, no information has been leaked for the rest of the components. To find out more, all that remains is to wait until 12 October 2015.

In conclusion, an important detail to report before letting go, is that the terminal could also be the OnePlus Mini. But time will give you more concrete answers.

Stay tuned with us. See you next Mobileos fan. To you the comments.



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