TENAA – the Chinese certification body – has released new images of the new one online OnePlus X Mini.

There are still no absolute certainties about the name – OnePlus X or OnePlus Mini – as well as possible dates regarding the sale but the body wanted to unbalance by leaving users some more details about the technical data sheet.

As we previously wrote in another article, the OnePlus production house has also received the certification FCC – US certification body – which had foreseen the formalization of the new device for yesterday, 12 October. But this did not happen.

As far as we know, the OnePlus X Mini has a display Full Hd LCD IPS 1920 x 1080 pixels from 5 ″ equipped with sensor Synaptics ClearForce S3078; with regard to the processor, the company did not want to unbalance a lot and therefore opted for one Snapdragon 801 Quad Core 1.9 Ghz; the memory RAM is 2GB but it is not yet known whether DDR 3 or DDR 4; about the camera, we have news only for the main one provided by ben 13 megapixels, with no image stabilizer. In the connectivity compartment you can find NFC, Bluetooth 4.1, FM radio, and infrared.

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Waiting for more certain news and the spread of the advertising campaign by the manufacturer, we leave you some preview image.



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