The Chinese market is often associated with the idea of ​​technological innovation and, sometimes, counterfeiting. As for the production and sale of smartphones, cases where Asian manufacturers have taken inspiration from the most famous models are not rare. This time it was the turn of Oppo which, after the Find 7 went on sale last year, is now producing the new one Oppo R9. But, based on the first photos that appeared on the web, there seems to be something strange.

The Asian company has not yet expressed itself on the matter, so much so that the photos that appeared on Chinese sites are nothing more than the first leaks.
From what can be seen, the new Oppo R9 appears to be a real one double of the noble iPhone 6s Plus.

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Going specifically, it can be seen that the R9 has a unibody metal body with camera rear positioned top left. Therefore coloring, shape and arrangement would appear to be the same as theiPhone 6s Plus. However, there are some variations, as the Flash LED – positioned below the camera -, the position of the 35mm jack and of speaker.

The specific details regarding the technical data sheet are not yet known but, according to the first rumors, the Oppo R9 would seem to be characterized by a display from 5.5 inches or larger, a reader for ultrasonic fingerprints and a Snapdragon 640 SoC.

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If, therefore, according to the first photos we can clearly deduce that the production house Oppo has taken inspiration from Apple for the design of the new Oppo R9, as regards the technical details we still have to wait for official news from the company.



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