In Paper Mario Color Splash, exclusive title for Nintendo Wii U, the bosses who protect the Mega Vernistelle (the most important color stars in the game) are the 7 Bowserotti Bowser’s henchmen who require specific item cards to be defeated.

Ludwig is the boss who protects the third Mega Vernistella and is located in Cobalt Base. Before starting the fight with this boss it will be useful to recover the Balloons object card, useful in the course of the fight. The card in question is located behind the stage where Struzi a performed Garden Gridellino. If you have already wrung out this card but used it in another way, you can always buy it from the Toad that is inside the barrel in the Port Prisma dock.

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Returning to the clash with Ludwig, it will face Mario with a “half” warship armed with cannons against which any attack will fail. You will need to use the Queue card to give Mario the chance to fend off the cannonballs fired by Ludwig as well as the objects thrown by the bowserotto’s assistants with the right timing. Be careful because as soon as you suffer a hit the tail will disappear forcing you to use another one.

After three hits back against the ship it will sink, revealing however Ludwig’s true secret weapon: a submarine against which ordinary cards will once again be useless. To make Mario’s shots effective you will need to use the Balloons object card recovered earlier to pull the submarine out of the water and have it “within paper reach”.

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NB The Replica item cards have no effect against the bosses, so you will be forced to go and retrieve them in the places where they are located or in Porto Prisma.


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