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Paradise City – trailer


Paradise City – trailer



The first trailer about the action.

There is still a penetrating silence surrounding the Sirius Games under development Paradise City, though a video of it has just arrived. The story of the game is quite interesting: given a scorched city that is practically controlled and appropriated by rival gangs. And the NSA (National Security Agency) is tasked with us, building on the biggest of these, watching their moves, discovering hitherto unknown threads, and if we’re already there, do it at our discretion. And we do it, because we can acquire land in the settlement in a way that is a disgrace to thugs, and then we can manage, develop and, of course, take care of it, so that a rival gang doesn’t think it will be good for them, and a wooden coffin is right for us. who is the real one, and our beneficiary can be continuously developed and nurtured worthy of an action RPG, so that we can have the power to strike at the heads of criminal organizations later on. And then here’s the trailer: