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Personalize your mobile: Android 7.0 style


Personalize your mobile: Android 7.0 style

Android Nougat (7.x) has arrived with quite a bit of success due to its new features and functions. To receive this update, wait for the manufacturer or your surgeon to send you the new reading. Most likely, it will take a few months or it will not reach some mobiles.

Without seizure, here at Zonatop Android we bring you a series of applications and capital that allow you to have some Features and style of Android 7.0. It includes the interface, the icon pack, wallpapers and much more.
… But delay, there is still more.
We are still going to share some Exclusive applications of the new Google mobile, called Pixel L. So that on top of its beautiful interface, you can enjoy functions such as Google Assistant, phone apps, Pixel Launcher, round icons, and their official backgrounds.

#1 Android Nougat 7.0 Full Customization

STEP 1. The first step to look like Android 7.0 is to install an Athlete. From the best pitchers that we have published Noval Athlete is the one we will use.

STEP 2. Once installed it is necessary to make some modifications. Be sure to download reading 5.0 ahead to make the following settings:

STEP 3. Download IconPack Android 7.0 Nougat and activate it from the nova Launcher settings in the Appearance – Icon Theme session.

See: Top 10 Android Icon Packs

STEP 4. Download the Official Android 7.0 Wallpapers. The package is compressed. So any file manager can extract the images.
Step 5. In this step the configuration is a bit cutting edge and we will need to be root users to have some Android 7.0 features on any Android.
Follow this beacon: 3 ways to be root on any Android and this other article:download and install the xposed situation!

Once you have rooted your mobile, warm up the Xposed situation and search for the Android N-ify module. Once downloaded, you just have to activate it and restart your Android device.

With these 5 steps you will have the main appearance and functions like notifications on any Android.

NOTE: If you want to have the Android 7 shortcuts on any Android, please install the Athlete Enthusiasm Athlete 3. As shown in the photo, they are a series of shortcuts on the icons that change depending on the application you are going to rip.

#1 Customize any Android Google Pixel L style

We go to the second part where we will see some capital and applications that have been published and that were exclusive to the new Google phones.

STEP 1. Download the latest reading Nova Athlete which brings the look and feel of Pixel Launcher. Make the following settings:

STEP 2. Download and install the icon pack Pixel Icon Pack bear the round icons. With Nova Launcher you can apply them without problems.
STEP 3. Finally install the official apps of Google Pixel L from that google drive folder where you will find applications such as calculator, wallpapers, contacts, camera and much more.
NOTENote: If you have an Android 6.0 device and are a rooted user, install the AndroidN-ify Xposed module which brings the Google Assistant to all Marshmallow-enabled devices

BONUS: Pixel theme for Huawei phones

If you have a Huawei brand mobile, it will be more obvious to personalize your Android device with Google Pixel theme. The only requirement is to have EMUI reading 4.0 onwards and follow these steps:

  1. Download Mega Server Theme: LINK HERE
  2. When the download is complete, a file with the extension . hwt will remain in your downloads folder.
  3. Now copy and paste that file. hwt in the HWthemes folder
  4. Open the theme app and apply the theme you just copied to get the look of a Google Pixel.]